Serbian Orthodox Church - Saints (April)


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April 1 Our Holy Father Procopius the Czech
April 1 St Meliton, Bishop of Sardis in Asia Minor
April 1 St Mary of Egypt
April 2 Our Holy Father Titus the Wonderworker
April 2 The Holy Martyrs Amphianus and Aedesius
April 3 The Holy Martyr Ulphianus
April 3 St Nicetasthe Confessor
April 3 St Paul the Wretched
April 4 Our Holy Father, the Martyr Nicetas
April 4 The Holy Martyr Pherbutha, her widowed sister and their slave
April 4 Our Holy Father Zossima
April 4 Our Holy Father Joseph The Hymnographer
April 5 The Holy Martyrs Agathopous and Theodulus
April 5 Our Holy Father Mark of Trache
April 6 The 120 Holy Martyrs in Persia
April 6 St Eutychius, Patriarch of Constantinople
April 7 Our Holy Father Gregory the Sinaite
April 7 St George the Confessor
April 7 Our Holy Father Daniel of Pereyaslavl
April 7 The Holy Martyr Calliopus
April 7 Our Holy Father Nil Sorsky
April 8 St Celestine, Bishop of Rome
April 8 St Niphon, Bishop of Novgorod
April 8 The Holy Apostles Herodion, Agabus, Rufus, Asyncritus, Phlegon and Hermas
April 9 The Holy Martyr Eupsychius
April 9 Our Holy Father Vadim the Martyr
April 10 The Holy Martyrs Terence, Africanus, Maximus, Pompeius
April 10 The 6,000 Holy Martyrs in Georgia
April 11 The Hieromartyr Antipas, Bishop of Pergamum in Asia
April 11 The Holy Martyrs Processus and Martinian
April 12 St Basil the Confessor
April 12 Our Holy Father Isaac II of Syria (St Isaac the Syrian is com-memorated on Jan. 28th)
April 12 Our Holy Mother Athanasia
April 12 Our Holy Father Acacius
April 13 The Hieromartyr Artemon
April 13 The Holy Martyr Crescens
April 13 The Holy Martyr Thomals
April 14 The Holy Martyrs Antony, John and Eustace
April 14 The Holy Martyr Ardalion the Actor
April 14 St Martin the Confessor, Pope of Rome
April 15 The Holy Apostles Aristarchus, Pudens and Trophimus
April 15 The Holy Martyr Sabbas the Goth
April 15 The Holy Martyrs Vasilissa and Anastasia
April 16 The Holy Martyr Leonidas and those with him: Chariessa, Nice, Galina, Callis, Nunechia, Vasilissa and Theodora
April 16 The Holy Martyrs Agapia, Chionia and Irene
April 17 St Agapetus, Pope of Rome
April 17 St Acacius, Bishop of Metitene
April 17 The Hieromartyr Simeon, Bishop in Persia
April 17 Our Holy Fathers Sabbatius and Zossima
April 18 The Holy Martyr John the New of Ioannina
April 18 Our Holy Father John
April 18 The Holy Martyrs Victor, Zoticus, Zeno, Acyndius and Severian
April 19 The Holy Martyrs Christopher, Theonas and Antonius
April 19 Our Holy Father John of the Ancient Caves
April 19 Our Holy Father Agathangelos
April 19 St Tryphun, Patriarch of Constantinople
April 19 Our Holy Father Simeon the Barefoot
April 20 Blessed Gregory, Patriarch of Antioch
April 20 Our Holy Father Theodore Trichinas
April 20 Blessed Anastasius the Sinaite, Patriarch of Antioch
April 20 Our Holy Father Anastasius of Mount Sinai
April 20 The Holy Apostle Zacchaeus
April 20 Our Holy Father Athanasius of Meteors
April 21 The Hieromartyr Januarius, and those with him
April 21 The Holy Martyr Theodore, and others with him
April 22 The Holy Martyr Leonidas
April 22 Our Holy Father, the Monk Vitalis
April 22 Our Holy Father Theodore the Sykeote
April 23 The Holy Martyr Lazarus the New
April 23 The Holy and Great Martyr George
April 24 The Holy Martyrs Pasicrates and Valentine
April 24 The Holy Martyrs Eusebius, Neon, Leontius and Longinus
April 24 The Holy Martyr Sabbas Stratelates
April 24 Our Holy Father Thomas the Fool for Christ
April 24 The Holy New Martyrs Luke and Nicolas
April 24 Our Holy Mother Elisabeth
April 25 St Aninanus, Second Bishop of Alexandria
April 25 The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark
April 26 St Janik of Devie
April 26 The Hieromartyr Basil, Bishop of Amasea
April 26 St Stephen of Perm
April 27 The Burning of the Relics of St Sava, Archbishop of Serbia
April 27 Our Holy Father John the Confessor
April 27 Our Holy Father Stephen, Bishop of Vladimir
April 27 The Holy Apostle Simeon
April 28 The Holy Apostles Jason and Sosipater, and the Virgin Cercyra
April 28 The Holy Martyrs Maximus, Dada and Quintillian
April 28 The Holy Martyr Tibald
April 29 The Nine Holy Martyrs of Cyzicus
April 29 St Basil of Ostrog
April 29 Our Holy Father Memnon the Wonderworker
April 30 St Donatus
April 30 The Holy Apostle James
April 30 The Holy Martyr Argyra


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