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(June 13 - October 1, 1999)

All these barbaric acts by the Albanian terrorists have occurred in the presence of the UN and the International Peace Forces (KFOR), not in time of war but of peace.

The Serbian Orthodox Church and its historical and religious heritage are being exposed to systematic destruction and extermination in the very presence of the most powerful armed forces of the world and in the very heart of Europe. The Kosovo Albanian gangs of looters, arsonists and miners are mercilessly destroying the monuments which are of worldwide renown and which have survived centuries of turbulent history. With such a systematic campaign against Christian civilization and world culture, Kosovo Albanian terrorists prove that their goal remains an ethnically cleansed Kosovo without Serbs and their Christian monuments.

The Updated List of Destroyed Churches - Updated Oct. 1, 1999

The Holy Trinity Monastery near Musutiste (near Suva Reka 14th century) looted, burned and soon after completely demolished by explosives in July 1999.

The Holy Trinity Monastery Before the Destruction
The Holy Trinity Monastery Before Destruction

Demolished church
72 KB

The view of the church
81 KB

The ruins of the monastery
75 KB

 The house for nuns
67 KB

He house for nuns
84 KB

 Parts of the 14cent frescoes
88 KB

Scenes of the Demolished Monastery near Suva Reka,
beginning July 1999 (German KFOR Sector)

The Monastery of St. Cosma and Damian in Zociste near Orahovac was built in 1327. The old residental buildings have recently been renovated. The monastery was looted in June 1999 when the monks had to leave this shrine. The living quarters were set on fire and the church was vandalized. The church was mined and completely destroyed by the local Albanians on September 13, 1999.

Zociste Monastery prior to destruction
Zociste Monastery Before Destruction

 The mined church
medium/high res

 The work of professional miners
medium/high res

 The mined Bell tower
medium/high res

 The monks living quarters
medium/high res

 The view of the destroyed monastery
73 KB

 Monks' cells
53 KB

Scenes of Destruction

The tombs of Fr. Moses and Abbot Damian before they were desecrated
60 KB

The overturned and desecrated tombs now
51 KB
The graves of deceased monks have not been spared.

The Dormition of Mother of God Church in Musutiste, (Suva Reka) built in 1315, was burned and later completely demolished by explosives in July 1999.

Holy Virgin Church in Musutiste, 1315

The Church of the Holy Virgin in Musutiste Before Destruction
A Pearl of the Medieval Serb-Byzantine Art in Kosovo and Metohija

 The Holy Virgin Church, 1315
106 KB

 The Destroyed Church With a Bell Tower
129 KB

 The Only Remains of the Ancient Church
105 KB

 The Remains of the 14th cent. Church
127 KB

The Altar Wall 
127 KB

 Only rubble was left
102 KB

 The Church Was Demolished by Professional Miners
96 KB

 The vandalizam in the Parish Center
100 KB

 The Priest's Home Was Torched
108 KB

Scenes of the Church Demolished by Albanian Extremists
(Beginning of July 1999) (German KFOR Sector)

St. Mark's Monastery in Korisa (near Prizren), 1467, vandalized and completely demolished by explosives. (The site is still inaccessible.) (July 1999)

The Monastery Church Before the Destruction
The Monastery Church of St Mark Before Destruction

 The Monastery of St. Mark in Korisa
31 KB

The ruins of St. Mark's Monastery
24 KB

 The ruins of St. Mark's Monastery in Korisa
33 KB

Destroyed Church of St. Mark
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Apostles St.Peter and St. Paul Parish Church in Suva Reka, built in 1938, was vandalized and later completely demolished by explosives in July 1999.

 The church before destruction








The Church in Suva Reka Before

 SS Apostles Church in Suva Reka
95 KB

 The work of the professional miners
105 KB

 The ruins of the Orthodox church in Suva Reka
98 KB

The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Djakovica, 1998, was vandalized and set on fire. Precious mosaics were smashed into pieces. The Cathedral was completely destroyed by explosives on July 24, 1999.

The Cathedral before complete destruction
The Cathedral was built on the site of the previous Orthodox Cathedral destroyed by Albanian-led Communist authorities after WWII.

The Smashed Mosaic of the Holy Trinity
82 KB

UCK Grafitti on the Walls 
59 KB

 The Fire Was Burned Inside the Church
62 KB

Djakovica Cathedral in Ruins July 24
52 KB

 The Cathedral in Ruins
35 KB

 The action of professional miners
42 KB

Only rubble has remained
63 KB

The Barbarism in Presence of NATO
44 KB

After the destruction of the Cathedral, the Albanian population of Djakovica organized a celebration which lasted all night.

The Holy Trinity church in Petric, built in 1993, was vandalized and later severely damaged by explosives at the end of June 1999. By the end of August 1999, the church was totally destroyed.

Holy Trinity Church in Petric
60 KB

The Church in Ruins
66 KB

 The Explosive Pulled Out the Walls
62 KB

 The Interior of the Church
102 KB

One of the Side Walls
86 KB

 Trying to pull out a stole
117 KB

 The Front Facade of the Church
59 KB

The church is finally destroyed at the end of August 99
27 KB

St. Nicolas Church in Slovinje (near Lipljan),
built in 16th century, was set on fire and later completely demolished by explosives in July 1999.

Slovinje Serbian Orthodox Church
62 KB

The Church Was Mined in a Professional Way
76 KB

The last remains of St. Nicolas Church
71 KB

An antimension found in the rubble
70 KB

The Holy Trinity Church in Ratis (near Decani),
built in 1922, was destroyed in 1941 and reconstructed in 1992. In the summer 1997, the church was set on fire by Albanian extremists and was reconstructed again. In June 1999, the church was finally mined and completely destroyed.

The Interior of the church before the destruction
This is interior of the church before destruction.

The mined church of St. Trinity
50 KB

The ruble has only remained
52 KB

A cross in the ruins
62 KB

Destroyed Chalice and the Paten
30 KB

St. Archangel Gabriel's Monastery in Binac (near Vitina), built in 14th century, was set on fire and almost completely demolished in June 1999.

 The Monastery of Binac
47 KB

 Destroyed Monk's House
76 KB

 Desecrated Altar in the Church
67 KB

 The Interior of St. Gabriel's Church
48 KB

The Presentation of the Virgin church in Dolac (near Klina), built in 1620, was vandalized and set on fire. The altar table was smashed into pieces in July 1999. At the end of August 1999, the church was completely demolished.

Dolac Church - Outside View
51 KB

The Vandalized  and  Burned Interior
74 KB

 The Altar Table Is Smashed Into Peaces
125 KB

Dolac church is completely destroyed at the end of Aug 99
27 KB

The Presentation of the Virgin Parish Church in Bijelo Polje (near Pec), built in 16th century (reconstructed in 19th century), was looted and set on fire at the end of June 1999.

 The Parish Home Near the Church
66 KB

 The Interior of the Vandalized Church
66 KB

 The Altar
63 KB

 Holy Icons Smashed On the Floor
76 KB

 The Fire Was Set In the Middle of the Church
74 KB

 Books and Icons on the Floor
84 KB

 Destroyed Tombstone of a Priest
94 KB

St. John the Baptist Church in Samodreza (near Vucitrn), reconstructed in 1932, was vandalized and set on fire at the end of June 1999.

 The Outside View of the Vandalized Church
65 KB

 The Entrance Door
83 KB

 The Attackers' Graffiti
55 KB

 The Torched Walls
54 KB

The UCK Signs on the Wall
124 KB

The Church Bell
87 KB

The Bishop in Front of His Church
115 KB

The famous Devic Monastery of St. Joanikije, f. c.1440,
was looted and vandalized. The marble tomb of the saint
was desecrated in June 1999.

 St. Joanikije's Tomb Desecrated
76 KB

 The Traces of Albanian Vandalism in Devic
62 KB

St. Elijah's Parish Church in Vucitrn, built in 1834,was
vandalized and looted in June 1999.

 The Icons Smashed on the Floor
67 KB

St. Elijah's Church in Vucitrn
99 KB

 The Vandalized Altar of the Church
64 KB

A Desecrated Icon
71 KB

St. Eliah's Church (near Djakovica), reconstructed in 1994,
was vandalized and damaged by an explosion at the end of June 1999.

 The Smashed Icons In Front of the Church
95 KB

 The Vandalized Interior of the Church
125 KB

 Inside the St. Eliah's Church
99 KB

The Holy Trinity church in Velika Reka (near Vucitrn),
built in 1998, was vandalized and set on fire in June 1999.

 The Holy Trinity Church Before Destruction
70 KB

 The Church Devastated by Fire
54 KB

Holy Virgin's Parish Church in Djurakovac (near Pec),
built in 1997, was vandalized in July 1999.

 The Vandalized Church
59 KB

 A Torn Icon On the Desecrated Altar
50 KB

 The Parish Home Destroyed By Fire
92 KB

The Orthodox Cemetery Chapel and the Cemetery in Mitrovica,
were vandalized and desecrated in the beginning of July 1999.

 The Cemetery Chapel in Mitrovica
56 KB

Desecrated Orthodox Graves
83 KB

St. Uros Parish Church in Urosevac, built in 1933,
was vandalized and set on fire at the end of June 1999.

 The Vandalized Urosevac Cathedral
69 KB

 The Holy Icons Were Systematically Smashed
57 KB

The parish church in Zegra, near Gnjilane, 1931, was vandalized and
set on fire by the local Albanians.

 Destroyed church and the graveyard
61 KB

 Only walls have remained
55 KB

 The interior of the church
55 KB

 The Holy Table
35 KB

St. Elias Church in Smac, 1996, near Prizren, was damaged
by explosives and vandalized in July 1999.

 Damaged church in Smac
72 KB

Inside the Sanctuary
41 KB

Desecrated and damaged icons
56 KB

The Iconostasis is almost completely destroyed
43 KB

 St. Parasceva Church - heavily damaged
  St. Parasceva Church, (near Vitina) 15th century, was set on fire and heavily damaged by explosives.

The parish church in Grmovo, near Vitina, was first set on fire and then completely destroyed by explosives.

 Leveled to the ground
39 KB

 The ruins of the church in Grmovo
37 KB

The parish church in Kijevo, near Klina, 14th century,
was completely destroyed by explosives.

Kijevo church in ruins (14 c.)
27 KB

Kijevo church in ruins (14 c.)
28 KB

St Elijah Church in Podujevo, built in 1930, was demolished in 1941 and restored in
1971. In July 1999, the church was vandalized by Albanian extremists.

Podujevo church - outside view
19 KB

The vandalized altar
19 KB

The part of the iconostasis was set on fire
19 KB

 The signature of the UCK vandals on the icon of St. Sava
19 KB

The church of St. Nicholas Rajkov, erected in 14th century, was reconstructed in 1857.
This school chapel was mined on September 3, 1999, and was severly damaged.

The church of St. Nicholas 14 cent.
29 KB

Severe damage inside the church
34 KB

The part added in 19th cent was alsmost totally destroyed
38 KB

The result of the vandalous attack
44 KB

 Novake Church
56 KB
 The parish church in Novake, near Prizren, was vandalized and damaged.

Barbarians in Action

The Monument of the Serb Writer Vuk Karadzic in Pristina
34 KB
The monument of Serb writer Vuk Karadzic in Pristina
was pulled down and dumped in the trash during the Albanian rally on July 2.
During the rally, the monuments of Vuk Karadzic and Njegos were trailed
by tractors through the streets of Pristina. The rally was headed by the UCK leader
Hashim Thaci who later denied any responsibility for the vandalism.



Desecrated Orthodox Graveyard 1987
Desecrated Serbian Orthodox Monuments and Graveyards - 1987

The Burning of the Patriarchate in Pec 1981
57 KB

 Destruction of Devic Monastery 1941
29 KB

Suffering of Christians - Requiem for the Serb beheaded by an Albanian 1903
45 KB

The Virgin of Ljevis Cathedral was converted into a mosque
24 KB

 An Albanian Extremist Killing an Orthoedox Priest in 1941
39 KB

Destruction of Christian Orthodox churches, desecration of graveyards and
murders of the clergy were methods used by Albanian Muslim extremists
to blot out all traces of the Serbian presence in Kosovo.

of Main Orthodox Shrines in Kosovo and Metohija
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