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1.The Medieval Holy Trinity Monastery near Musutiste (nr. Suva Reka), 14th century, looted, set on fire and finally destroyed by explosive,
2.The Mediaeval monastery St. Cosma and Damian Monastery in Zociste (with frescoes), 14th century, looted and vandalized. Monastic quarters were looted and set on fire in June while the church was destroyed by explosive on 21st of September.
3.The Medieval Dormition of Mother of God church in Musutiste, (Suva Reka) built in 1315, burned and completely destroyed by explosive,
4.St. Mark's Monastery in Korisa (nr. Prizren) 1467, set on fire, vandalized, and destroyed by explosive,
5.St. Archangel Gabriel's Monastery in Binac (nr. Vitina), built in 14th century, (with frescoes) set on fire and almost completely demolished,
6.The famous Devic Monastery of St. Joanikije, f. c.1440, looted and vandalized, the marble tomb of the saint is desecrated.
7.The church of Dormition - St. King Uros ( 14th.c. restored in 1996.) in Gornje Nerodimlje, destroyed by explosive.
8.Holy Archangels Monastery(14th c. restored in 17th c.) in Gornje Nerodimlje, torched and destroyed by explosive, the cemetery ruined, the famous pine of the emperor Dusan, originating from 14th c. cut down and burnt
9.The parish St. Nicholas church in Donje Nerodimlje, erected in the 14th century, restored 1983 demolished, torched ruined by explosive
10.The church of St. Stephen, 14th c, restored in 1996, in Donje Nerodimlje, at the cemetery, demolished, torched and destroyed by explosive
11. Monastery church of The Presentation of the Virgin church in Dolac (nr. Klina), built in 14th c, frescoed; vandalized, set on fire, holy table destroyed. Later the information is received that the church is completely destroyed by explosive.
12. St. Nicholas church in Slovinje (nr. Lipljan), built in 16th century, set on fire and later completely demolished by explosive.
13. St. Apostles Peter and Paul parish church in Suva Reka, built in 1938, vandalized, and eventually completely destroyed by explosive.
14. The Holy Trinity church in Petric, built in 1992, vandalized and completely demolished by explosive. The centuries old oak tree with a cross inscription near the church was cut into peaces.
15. The Presentation of the Virgin parish church in Bijelo Polje (nr. Pec), built in 16th century (reconstructed in 19th century), looted and set on fire.
16. The Cathedral of St. Uros in Urosevac, built in 1933, vandalized and set on fire, the parish center is completely destroyed.
17. St. Elija's parish church in Vucitrn, built in 1834, looted, vandalized and partially torched.
18. St. John the Baptist church in Samodreza, near Vucitrn, old church (reconstructed in 1932), vandalized, set on fire and in the end completely destroyed.
19. St. Parasceva church in Drsnik near Pec (with frescoes), 16th century vandalized and set on fire inside.
20. St. Virgin's church in Naklo village, (nr. Pec), built in 1985, vandalized and set on fire.
21. The Holy Trinity church in Velika Reka village (nr. Vucitrn), built in 1997, vandalized and set on fire and almost completely destroyed.
22. The Holy Apostles' parish church in Petrovce village (nr. Kosovska Kamenica), vandalized and set on fire.
23. St. Virgin's church in Podgorce village (nr. Vitina), vandalized and set on fire.
24. St. John the Baptist parish church in Pecka Banja (nr. Pec), built in 1996, vandalized and torched inside.
25. Synaxis of the Serb Saints parish church in Djurakovac (nr. Pec), built in 1997, vandalized.
26. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Djakovica, 1998, vandalized, set on fire inside. A valuable mosaic was completely destroyed. Later information tell that the church was completely destroyed by explosive.
27. The Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Osojane, nr. Klina, vandalized.
28. St. Elia's church in Bistrazin, between Prizren and Djakovica, reconstructed in 1941 and 1998. The church is vandalized and damaged inside by an explosion.
29. St. Demetrius church in Siga, near Pec, renewed in 1937, built on the medieval foundations, vandalized and torched.
30. The parish church of St. Elias in Zegra, nr. Gnjilane, 1931, vandalized and then completely torched (the roof destroyed); The two additional church buildings are being torched and the gravestones at the cemetery destroyed.
31. The Church of Holy Unmercenaries (old, restored in 1991) in Novake, Prizren, vandalized and torched, destruction by explosive attempted, gravestones around the church destroyed.
32. The Church of Presentation of the Lady in Veliko Krusevo nr. Klina, (old, restored in 1983) burglared and partially torched.
33. The parish church of Holy Trinity in Grmovo, near Vitina, (new, still not consecrated) first it was set on fire and then completely destroyed by explosive on the 25th July.
34. The Church of St. Nicholas in Kijevo, nr. Klina, 16th c, frescoed, destroyed to the ground, the cemetery vandalized.
35. The Church of St. Mark, on the foundations of an old Presentation church, in Klina, Metohija, destroyed by explosive.
36. St. Nicolas Church in Ljubizda, near Prizren, 16th century, looted and vandalized, parish centre torched.
37. St. Elias Church, in Ljubizda, near Prizren 16th-17th c, at the cemetery, restored on the old foundations, looted, vandalized, set on fire inside and mined. The cemetery around is vandalized.
38. The church of St. Parasceve in Dobrcane village, between Gnjilane and Kosovska Kamenica; torched, the roof fell inside.
39. The Cathedral Church of Christ the Savior (new) in Pristina, first an attempt of torching, and on 1st August 1999, at 1.00 a.m. explosive put on four places in the church. Two of them exploded and two did not.
40. St. Elias Church in Smac, near Prizren, damaged by explosive and burned.
41. St. Basil the Great Church in Gornja Srbica near Prizren, completely destroyed.
42. The Church of St. Parasceve in Zaskok, nr. Urosevac, destroyed by explosive.
43. The Church of St. Nicholas in Gatnje, nr. Urosevac, old, restored in 1985, vandalized and destroyed.
44. The Church of the Lady in Gornje Nerodimlje, vandalized and destroyed.
45. The Church of St. Elias in Nekodim, near Urosevac, old, expanded in restoration, vandalized and torched.
46. The Church of the Holy Apostles in Talinovac, nr. Urosevac, new church, vandalized and torched inside. The cemetery around vandalized.
47. The Church of The Holy Trinity in Babljak, nr. Urosevac, vandalized and torched inside.
48. The Church of the Nativity of the Lady in Softovic, nr. Urosevac, vandalized and torched.
49. The Church in Novi Kacanik, torched.
50. The Church of the Protection of the Virgin in Korisa, nr. Prizren, destroyed to the ground, just as the old church site and the cemetery are destroyed.
51. St. Jeremias church in Grebnik village (Klina), 1920, destroyed by explosive. The local Albanians have already cleared out the ruins and removed all remains of this church, so the ground is completely clear now that you almost can't identify the place where church used to stand before.
52. Presentation of the Virgin church, in Kos, near Djurakovac, vandalized.
53. The Church of the Holy Trinity in Zitinje, nr. Vitina, old church restored in 1972. Torching attempted on 19th July through the windows which are duly destroyed.
54. St. Parasceva church, near Klokot village (Vitina), old church , restored. First set on fire inside and finally destroyed by explosive on July 27, 1999.
55. The Church in Belica, (nr. Srbica), set on fire.
56. The church of St Elias, Pomazatin (near Pristina) erected in 1937, set on fire and severely damaged by explosive.
57. The Church of St. George in Rudnik, Near Srbica (14th century, restored by Patriarch Macarius in 16th century, with frescoes, medieval tombs). The church was desecrated and set on fire. In August 15, 1999 a part of the church was destroyed by the explosive. The belfry was set on fire and severely damaged.
58. The Church of St George, called Lazarica Church (14-16th century) Belica, Istok - Rudnik, set on fire and desecrated.
59. The Church of St Apostle Luke (1912), Vitomirica - Pec, desecrated, looted and set on fire.
60. The Church of St Andrew in Podujevo (medieval church, restored in 1930), vandalized and set on fire. Icons and books were destroyed in fire.
61. The Church of St Peter and Paul (the old church, restored in 1925) Gornja Pakastica - Krpimej, nr. Podujevo, vandalized and partly set on fire.
62. The Holy Trinity Church in Donji Ratis village, near Decani, restored in 1935 (destroyed by Albanians in 1941 and restored in 1992), set on fire and completely destroyed by explosive. The church had been attacked and vandalized several times between 1996-1998.
63. The Church of St. Nicholas (Rajkova church), medieval church restored in 19th century, in Prizren. Albanian extremists set 20 mines in the church. Only 5 exploded but seriously damaged the church in September 12th.
64. The Church of the Savior (16th century) in Dvorane near Musutiste (Suva Reka). Destroyed by explosive, the belfry is also damaged.
65. The Church of St. Elias (erected in 15th century), Lokvice village near Prizren (Sredacka zupa). The church is damaged by an explosion in July 1999 and the belfry was mined by unidentified Albanian extremists.

The list is still not complete. There are unconfirmed information that there are more churches or chapels which have been vandalized or completely destroyed.

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